A Tesco’s Christmas Special

It was the night before Christmas. Families were in their homes, locked in to avoid the Grinch (Covid-19), for the fear of disrupting the holiday. However, this year, Adecyn Homes shares a tale of the brave wise men & women at Tesco White House Common, who decided to make Christmas extra special for us, as they tackled wild queues of weary travellers trying to take home late treasures, to visit our stable (home) to present our three future knights with gift baskets.

These baskets contained treasure that, when used, will enhance the skills of our knights, whether by entertaining through music with their guitars, or challenging their problem-solving skills through the gifts of board games.

Adecyn Homes & all its adults and young people, wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a truly massive thank you for Tesco @ White House Common for showing support to us and our children and making this year a Tesco’s Christmas Special.


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