Look How Happy She Is

To understand this story; you must do two things. First, read each sentence at the same time as the picture allocated. Second, well to be honest there is no second, but while you are here…enjoy the read….

“There once was a home, somewhere in England, do not ask me where, I cannot say where. One of our mighty warrior (LG; Homes Manager) rallies the staff troops to ensure that, despite Covid, all our homes keep stepping forward. We, therefore, thought it be nice to surprise her with the employee of the month certificate; main picture shows how excited she really was to win…

When presenting our mighty warrior (LG), she did at first look confused; picture 1, as to what was happening, but as she found out that she had won the level of excitement grew as she accepted her card; picture 2. We even overcame the fear of the dreaded photo as she lined up to take the snap; picture 3, and she them demanded that she have a prize photo all by herself; picture 4. LG even took the time to pose for a photo in the home to show her achievement; picture 5. Before letting her wonderful personality shine through as she took the one photo that will forever, last in our memories (please see main picture).

We would like to congratulate LG winning Employee of the month, and hope everyone moving forward will take photos that we can share with the world to shine a light in current climate. (P.S. Hope LG does not come after me for the story…) Well Done LG 😊

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