One Small Step For Adecyn Homes, One Giant Leap For Mankind

Over the last year, we have been subjected to times of uncertainty and hardship, as the Covid 19 took the world by surprise and forced all countries and governments to take strict measures to protect human life. This meant for a lot of us, enduring lockdown, curfews, time away from loved ones and changing our daily routines to safeguard our families and others. Throughout the year, others have been fighting to form a vaccine that can counter the virus. Over the last few months, we have seen that pharmaceutical companies have successfully developed vaccines, which are being rolled out to public in a fight to overcome Covid 19.

Thank you to the NHS and their staff, for all the hard work throughout these tough times, Birmingham Children’s Trust, who have provided us with support to help begin vaccination for our team. We have taken the first step in the global fight back against Covid 19 as staff have gone and are going to get their vaccines, and we encourage everyone to join us and take their first step against Covid 19.

“Today is our opportunity to build the tomorrow we want”

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