We Are Coming To You Live From Adecyn Homes For Some Breaking News

We all know the saying; “No Pain, No Gain”. Well no one knows this better than our Deputy (CC), as he waited patiently for 30 years for his favourite football team (Liverpool FC) to win the Premier League. The excitement that he felt was off the charts. However, this year, through think and thin, just like his football team, CC never gave up on his dream. Some people dream of a summer beach holiday, fancy cars, big houses, but not CC. He was able to fulfil his childhood dream of lifting the Employee of the Month title above his head and just like in 2020, when his team won, he celebrated with a big smile.

From everyone at Adecyn Homes, we congratulate CC winning Employee of the Month, and hope everyone moving forward will take photos that we can share with the world to shine a light in current climate. (P.S. In the words of Top Gear “Some say that he sleeps with his certificate, all we know is that his name is CC, and he will never walk alone”). Well Done CC 😊

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