Wally’s Missing From Care – Our Young People Try The Wears Wally Challenge

Adecyn Homes enjoys challenging all our children and young people and this month our adults sat with our young people and asked them to complete a few Where’s Wally challenges. It started as a silly game for our young people, who engaged well throughout and, although the challenge was tough, they did excellent and managed to find Wally each time.

You may ask yourself; “What will this teach the young people?”. The answer: Empathy. They get a feeling of what our adults go through when they go missing. We spoke to our young people about missing from care and trying to locate someone when you have no idea where they are, or if they are lost in a crowd. By getting them to locate Wally on the page, and for them to understand the struggle and the relief and excitement of finding him, showed them what all at Adecyn Homes going through. It is a simple way for our children and young people to understand what staff feel and for them to tell us why people go missing.

How long does it take you to complete the “Where’s Wally Challenge”?

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