Our Young Person’s Journey To Feed The Homeless

Following on from Red Nose Day, Adecyn Homes’ young person and adult were taking steps to make the world a slightly better place. One of valiant young people wanted to help the homeless people that were sitting outside different locations, and with the help of our adults, was able to lead by example, as our young person & adult went shopping, whilst wearing PPE (health and safety is always important) and prepared the food bags. 30 bags were made. Yes, that is correct. 30 bags which contained a bottle of water for hydration, crackers, (as they are a good source of energy and it a dry snack with a long eat by date), a pack of raisins, a mixture of sandwiches chicken, ham, and cheese (just in case we came across any vegetarians), a bag of crisps, a chocolate bar, and a tin of soup (chicken or tomato).

Bags made, jackets and coats on, car loaded with all 30 bags, then our young people and adults then made the journey to provide the Adecyn Homes’ food bags to help feed people who are homeless, whilst sticking to Covid-19 rules and guidelines to promote safety above everything else. This really opened up their eyes to see what others do not have in life and what we, as human being, do take for granted.

Adecyn Homes is very proud that our young people engage in activities to help the less fortunate.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill

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