Red Nose Day 2021 – Join The Fight With Comic Relief – Part 2

Our Red Nose Day story continues, as the Adecyn Homes’ good merry men & women, worked tirelessly with our highly motivated young person, who was determined to lead by example, to make cupcakes. And yes, they were really nice to eat as well. Always nice to put your feet up after a hard day’s work and eat nice & delicious red nose cupcakes.

Many people would just see a young person baking cupcakes, but not our adults. They took this opportunity to help educate our young person, behind the concept and reason of Red Nose day. How it is not just about watching celebrities dressing up on TV (although this does make us laugh when watching TV) or wearing a red nose out and about in public but understanding the hard work that members within Comic Relief do and how they help lead the fight against poverty.

Adecyn Homes and all our adults are happy to help in fight against poverty and don’t forget:

“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions”

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