She’s A Star – Adecyn Homes’ J Star Employee Of The Month

We’ve grown up seeing superheroes wearing long capes, masks and having secret identities. To be honest, who would love a secret identity, my name is Bond, James Bond. Sorry side tracking to much. The story isn’t about James Bond. It’s about JS…Adecyn Homes’ very own AH5 (yes, we have our own secret agency) superwoman. 

Adecyn Homes is pleased to present JS this month’s employee of the month, as she was flying around the home to help out wherever and whenever needed. Due to AH5 rules, Adecyn Homes cannot confirm or deny, without written consent from ????, if JS was or wasn’t actually flying. 😊

Adecyn Homes would like to congratulate JS for winning Employee of the month.

Many congratulations. This month was your and you deserve it.

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