OL & RV Victorious In April

When we say RV, we do not mean RV Motor Homes.  We are talking about our star employee at OL, RV.

She has made a brilliant impact with Adecyn Homes and OL, even at times, rolled up her sleeves, opened a can ofpaint, and splashed the walls to brighten the home for our children and young people. She has shown that she can be a real asset to the Home and to Adecyn Homes, and that is why RV has risen to the top and claimed April’s Employee of the month.

Rumour has it that she had to fend off a loft of pigeons who wanted the award…. or so it is said in the great tales of OL…. soon to be released in a shop near you… but all we know is that she has worked hard to get the award and truly deserves it

Well Done RV for the April’s Employee of the month…. everyone at Adecyn Homes is proud of you, but before we go, 3, 2, 1, strike a pose for the camera.

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