Al Boys Day Out (Plus LG) 😊 With A Massive JR Smile On Top

We have seen the movie, Baby’s Day out (but if you haven’t, watch it), Adecyn Homes would like to present its new movie (rather a story), directed & filmed by LG, starring DD as Log Rider at the front, RH as Log rider at the back, DH, OS & JR in……AL Boy’s Day out.

The adventure started at AL, as all the team members and our young people making the final checks. Rooms tidy, windows and doors locked, home secure. With a final nod of approval from our shift leader DD, out the door they went. The team would embark on a long journey that would see them, fight through long queues, navigate windy paths with signs that float in the air…or as some people call it, the motorway. After a journey filled with beautiful scenery, green fields, they had arrived. To the fair grounds that offered thrills, screams and the occasional chances of getting wet. After hours of fun, they all went down to the beach side, where towels were laid on the sand, and weary heads laid to rest.

The day was full of laughter, overcoming fears, and relaxing on a nice sandy beach to soak in all the vitamin D, Britain has to offer.

The day for our young people, was not just about going out and enjoying the rides. It was more to help them try new experiences, face their fears on roller coasters, or the giant swinging arm, to help them understand that fear is within all of us. But, with the right support and help. Facing the fear can be such an enjoyable experience.

“”It’s Okay To Lose To Opponent! Must Not Lose To Fear!” – The Karate Kid (Mr Miyagi)

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