Every Night Is A Learning Night, Especially Adecyn Homes’ Cultural Nights

Learning time 😊 This one starts off with a topic we all speak about. Space. Whether a Star Wars fan, or a Star Trek Fan, or just a fan of aliens, space has always sparked the human imagination to run wild. This month, our young person wanted to explore a bit of space themselves. Not actually sending you to space. Sorry NB. But through conversation and guidance with our team as they explored the term “Alien”, different planets, stars, and galaxies. They even made a galaxy cupcake. Rumours around DL is that CC eat one and was lost in time. Spooky.

Later in the month, internationally everyone was celebrating Fair Trade Day, so our team and young person thought, why not. Off they went. Bags in hand, petty cash in back pockets to the local shop. NB was shown what the fair-trade logo looked like, to help him identify products that supported the cause. With ingredients in the bag, they walked back to the home where NB made some delicious food enjoyed by all the team and himself. Well Done Chef NB. Adecyn Homes opening NB’s Home Restaurant?

To cap the month off, a topic which we feel one that has, in the recent year or two, impacted the world, Mental Health Awareness. As Covid 19 is slowly being challenged and tackled, everyone experienced a change in their lifestyle during lockdown and confinement which has taken a toll on our health and mental state. So as restrictions were coming back and life turning to a sense of normality, it was important to speak to our young people about mental health and support that is available, but how to motivate oneself to overcome negative thoughts that we feel on a day-to-day basis.

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