He’s Done It!!!!!!!!

On 13 May 2012, the footballing world saw one of the most iconic comebacks in the premier league with Manchester City winning against QPR…. whether watching the match or not, we have all most likely heard the famous commentary saying…. ”AGGGGUUUUEERRRROOOOO” (YouTube it, its brilliant).

This May 2021, something similar happened at Adecyn Homes. Final few seconds were left for voting on Employee of the month, all the homes were tense, wondering who would win, and at the very last second, when the dust settled the employees thought they had won, BUTTTTTTT, out of nowhere, one of our brave young people had taken the lead.“DDDDDDDHHHHHHHHHHHH”

All we can say that DH has made amazing progress throughout his journey with Adecyn Homes, and it was only fitting, that 9 years ago, his favourite team, Manchester United, lost the lead to their rivals, that this year in May, DH snatches the Employee of the Month and renames it as Young Person of the Month, for the month of May.

Adecyn Homes is extremely proud of DH and the amazing work that he has done, the support that all our team members at Adecyn Homes have done with him and continue to do.

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