Long Journey To The Top

The day was perfect. sun shining, 2 young, adventurous boys, ready for any adventure, and a life experience, like no other.

Adecyn Homes understands that all children and young people, will always face different challenges throughout life. Everyone has experienced troubles in life, but we want our children and young people to understand that even though troubles may come, tasks may seem impossible, taking a small step towards a solution is better than doing nothing. To challenge our young people, on a day out, LR, Adecyn Homes’ experienced travel explorer (yes, a little bit like Dora the Explorer, sorry LR), took 2 young people to a rural location in England, where they were able to walk, hike and even attempt some rock climbing. They even attempted to rock climb, blindfolded (under careful supervision and planning).

It was a good attempt to see them work as individuals to push themselves to get to the top but also work as a team to help and support each other when needed. Vital life skills that Adecyn Homes believes everyone should have. The self-confidence to challenge oneself, but the ability to support others in need.

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