PP and her adventures at DL

Life as a child can sometimes be hard. But with the right support and encouragement, it can be used to create a foundation for the rest of your life. At Seed of Life, the wonderful team members are offering all our young people great support and encouragement to test themselves, take a leap of faith, try new and exciting things. While the managers are stressing over the risk assessments, but hey, that’s what adults are for right 😉😊.

One of our children and young people is doing just that. Making the most out of the opportunities that she is presented with, even with maintaining and growing your own vegetable patch in the back garden. Can you image, as a child, having your own vegetable patch. I know what the team members are going to say…. “but it’s also ours” …but secretly we all know that it is really Mr CC’s (Homes Manager – shout out for his Good).

But that’s not all. She also had the chance to become the wonderful and great Mr Roald Dahl, who gave us priceless book to read as children (and adults), which were full of life and adventure. What was your favourite Roald Dahl book?? I think it was fair to say PP and JS enjoyed Fantastic Mr Fox. Rumour has it that JS was even spotted dancing and singing… What does the fox say.

It is nice when we see our team members and children and young people interacting and engaging with each other to create great experiences and lifetime memories. Seed of life will soon be having its very own DL vegetable markets which will be led by the wonderful CC and all his wonderful team members at DL, and the amazing PP.

“I guess my point is, we’ll eat tonight, and we’ll eat together. And even in this not particularly flattering light, you are without a doubt the five and a half most wonderful wild animals I’ve ever met in my life.”— ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.

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