Adecyn Homes Halloween Challenge

‘Tis the time again. Ghosts and Ghouls running wild at night tormenting innocent folks sleeping safely in the comfort of their homes, and no I’m not referring to our team members running around with white bed sheets on and annoying the homes manager at night.

It is one time of the year when walking with a mask on the streets and knocking on a stranger’s house and saying trick or treat is acceptable and in doing so you are rewarded with chocolates and sweets (I hope), or if not then at least a health piece of fruit… Adecyn Homes always will promote healthy eating where possible…

DL took this moment to decorate the home in a black and orange theme for the night (it was also reported that plastic spiders were used to scare a team member) …but Adecyn Homes does not like rumours 😊

After countless days of hard work consisting of; blowing up balloons, tying pieces of strings to the ceiling, including a very creative TikTok (yes, Adecyn Homes’ team members are also part time TikTokers…go JD)

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