October Conquered By AH – 2nd Time Champion

He came, saw, and conquered for a 2nd time this year. AH has done it again, and this time its was better than before. Just like all the footballing legends, Mr Z. Ibrahimovic, Mr C. Ronaldo & Mr L. Messi (plus all the other great players in the world) AH shows no signs of slowing down. With age comes wisdom, and AH is using all his wisdom and powers to support Adecyn Homes, DL, his team members (even the great and mighty CC; please contact A&C maintenance “No job is too big or small”) & more importantly, the children and young people.

Adecyn Homes says a massive congratulations to AH for winning the EoM for October 2021 (to brighten his mood…his first win – He was so happy (below); the second (top) – He was expecting it…. that’s what you call confidence. We are proud of all our team members and their continued hard work. 😊

We leave you with a brilliant quote from the man himself: “We’re all on this DL adventure together and I’m one of the homes Sherpas, (I had to google what this meant btw) working diligently in the background carrying the survival gear and flagging out the difficult routes help our CYP and the other Sherpas of DL to reach the summit” 😊

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