Adecyn Homes Halloween Challenge Part 2

At the end of Avengers – Age of Ultorn, post credit scene, we all hear the infamous words from Thanos… “Fine, I’ll do it myself” as he then puts on the Infinity Glove, as a way of accepting the challenge. Within Adecyn Homes, it was the same for AL. The challenge was thrown, DL answered, and AL responded with their very own… “Fine we’ll do it ourselves”, and they did not disappoint either.

AL went for the Spiderman Webbing attack mode (or any other spider movie reference will work fine as well), even the team members and children and young people did not disappoint.

There was even a slime bucket in the garden for our two young people to enjoy and put their hands in and play the biggest game on Halloween: “Trick or Treat”.

Both homes have stepped up their decoration game, but the ultimate question is: WHICH HOME RULES SUPREME?

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