“Wanna Play A Game” – Adecyn Homes Said Yes!

We all dread hearing the words “Do you want to play a game”. All Saw movie fans, and Squid Games fans will know, no matter what, you say no…. but did anyone at Adecyn Homes listen…. Nope…. we said yes.

But don’t be afraid, unlike the Saw movies and Squid games, adults within Adecyn Homes were not fighting for survival or a large cash sum, but rather being trapped in a room with each other for 60 minutes. That’s right, this year Adecyn Homes attempted to take different escape rooms.

The tension was really, 5 managers in one room; 6 adults from head office in another room, all trying to solve the puzzles and codes to reach the exit. One team was racing to save Dr Watson and the other was trying to stop the release of an infectious virus (Rumour has it that a certain skirting board is still missing from one of the rooms).

Once the first challenge was over, it was time for a well-deserved lunch break, for as we knew, we would need all the energy as we faced yet another escape room…. that right 1 day – 2 team; 4 different rooms….

This time round the teams changed over; 6 managers in one room & 5 adults from head office in the other…and the race started once again…this time, one team was fighting to solve puzzles scatter across time, and the other team was fighting to save Amy (Errmm I think looking back, someone definitely was a SAW fan).

All in all day was a good way for Adecyn Homes to end the year with laughter and joyful memories. We thank all those who attended the day and thank Escape Live in Birmingham for hosting our Adecyn Homes vs Escape Rooms Day out….as you read this and rest for the night, some parting words from our host:

”Would YOU like to play a game??” – Jigsaw

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