Adults Day Out – OL Team Development Day at HQ

Oh we loved the days at school when we turn up at the gates and remember, DAY TRIP. The same can be said for all the team members arriving at HQ. They all came with the expectation that Mr Paul had a day of education for them. Oh they were so wrong.

It was nice to see team members engage with each other in challenges to help increase their knowledge regarding their work at Adecyn Homes.

After lunch, HQ were informed that there will be a competition and quiz. It is safe to say that HQ is very competitive as all got involve with the team member.

Yes, oaky I was carried by my teammate Lorell, at least we came 2nd. And no, she didn’t physical carry me, just answered all the questions.

The egg and spoon race was the highlight, seeing over 10 adults focus on keeping an eye on a spoon whilst walking around a chair, who said our care practitioners at Adecyn Homes don’t have fun. 😊

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