Adecyn Home’s Packed-Out – Courtesy of DH, EM, MS, OP & PP

Trying to tire out children and young people can be a daunting task, but when the tables are turned, and the children and young people are trying to tire out adults; that is where the fun starts.

Let’s set the scenes – yes there are going to be a few. We open with Oak Lodge, when behind close doors, unknown to the outside world, there was an amazing princess party, where MS and staff enjoyed their tiaras and some homemade cake, but the investigation for the missing cake was not solved, so “Who had the cake?”. It was safe to say after all the fun, the castle that is Oak Lodge is still standing tall, but NK, MS & JB still don’t know who eat the cake…but it’s a safe bet to always look to the newest team member at Adecyn Homes.

For the next part of the story we travel a bit south to Acorn Lodge, where a new faced has joined the team, (the new Homes’ Manager). Most people would look to set rules and firm up boundaries, but not Aaron. He greeted everyone with a smile, remained calm through all the changes, and wanted to thank the young people at Acorn for being supportive through all the changes Acorn faced this year with a nice meal out. But as the sun shone a brand-new day the bright light tore through the clouds and our young people woke up to a fantastic warm and sunny day. But just like that, nice cold refreshing smoothies, (wait sorry, I have been corrected, “strawberry daiquiris” Sorry OS for the error) …nice cold refreshing strawberry daiquiris were prepared for the afternoon to have a lovely lunch in the garden whilst playing a round of football in preparation of the Commonwealth Games.

Speaking of games. This moves our story to our lovely home further north, Dimsdale, where the staff and both young people were challenged at “Dimsdale’s Sport Day 2022”. Before anyone asks who won…it’s the taking part and giving it your best is all that counts, okay Michael 😊. There were many events that tested different skills sets for our young people. My favourite ones were Staff Wheelbarrow Race, the ring toss, no sillies not a wedding ring, although rumour has it that there may be a wedding soon…Congratulation in advance our mystery person, but the throw a plastic ring onto a stick. Difficult you say. Challenge accepted (Go on Ste, show them how its done). To end the events, was the famous, Dimsdale Garden Sprint. All I can say is Usain Bolt? Who’s that…move aside for Mr M Cooke, and no we don’t do winners…. everyone wins because they took part. (PS email if you want to know who won).

We are just so happy to see and read all the lovely stories and events that take place in our homes that help support, encourage, develop our children and young people to help shape a better and more lively future for them.


“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts”
– Winton S. Churchill

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