EOM June 2022 JB Takes The Title

What a month our Jennifer had, she supported all the homes, passed her Ofsted Registration, completed her level 5, and threw herself off a plane. Okay, the last one was a planned Sky Diving trip, but the former makes it sound more thrilling.


Since joining Adecyn Homes, Jen has pushed herself to a high standard by supporting all the homes when needed while preparing her own home for Ofsted. All this to ensure that the children and young people within Adecyn Homes are cared for and supported, whilst also supporting the Organisation grow and expand our little but might Adecyn Homes family.


From everyone at Adecyn Homes, we congratulate Jennifer Brazier for winning June’s Adecyn Homes’ Employee of Month. We hope there is many more coming your way, but there is always nice health competition for the title every month…. the question on everyone’s mind… “Who’s going to win next month?”

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