Leaves falling, time going back 1 hour, and a Halloween contest

It is that time of the year where we bid goodbye to 3/4 of the year, as we enter the final three months of the year. It starts with the leaves falling from the trees and as they gather who doesn’t love to give them a good kick. Then comes the best feeling in the world. Going to sleep and gaining an extra hour as the times go back 1 hour.

This October has been enjoyed thoroughly, with Acorn Lodge’s 60 minutes makeover corner, so come sit and let’s tour the world. It was fun seeing how many countries the team and young people could name and see where they are in the world.

This year, as Halloween approached, Adecyn Homes challenged the homes to see which home (young people and team members participated) could crave the best-looking pumpkin.

All the homes did not disappoint; with all the homes offering their amazing pumpkin designs, with one home even throwing an amazing party. (Yes, there was a small winners crowning ceremony as well)

Hope all had a wonderful Halloween and plenty of tummy aches the morning after from all the delicious sweets and treats, as Adecyn Homes counts down to Christmas and to the end of a fantastic year.

Best friends always share their Halloween treats!

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