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Emma informs us that PP & KL have been extremely busy bees enjoying lots of activities, walks in the forest, trips to lots of parks, swimming, cinema…. any nice movies you two would recommend? But it is great to see you two getting along with each other.

We love the whole…. Ninja Warrior training…what season can we see you on??

Also we want to say a massive well done for PP starting Key Stage 3 (You will smash it). We would love to hear you love doing homework, are at the top of your classes and acing all the tests…. you got this PP and keep up the good work and shining like the super star we know you are!

Well Done to KL as well, we hear that you are doing lots of amazing work at home and you’re reading and writing has improved massively. We would love to see some of this magnificent artwork and that you are also a little bit of a baker. Can’t wait to taste your tasty cakes for our next Managers meeting…you can send it with Jemma 😊

It is truly great to hear you are enthusiastic about reading your educational books and ticking off things for points. Keep up the good work. We are sure you’ll be in school before you know it and teach the teacher a thing or two.

I hear that the annex has had a face lift, and it looks great! Well Done team for all your heard work in making the transformation.

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