Care & Support

Positive Outcomes

Adecyn Homes aim is to provide the young people residing in our care with assistance and guidance in the main aspects of their lives which will help them develop key skills for later life. This is based upon our staff team having regular Key Working sessions with our young people based upon the 9 Quality Standard.

Positive Outcomes

Planned and unplanned key working sessions takes place to enable our staff team to gather a more deeper understanding of the young people and therefore offer better support and care for each of them.

Young people often get the negative consequences for some of their behaviour, however at Adecyn Homes, we like to offer our young people positive rewards for outstanding behaviours shown during education, out on activities and in house. These may vary from a small drink from the local coffee shop to an extension to setting down times. By doing this we believe we can help boost self-esteem and confidence in our young people to act and behaviour in a respectable manner.

As each child or young person arriving at Adecyn Homes may be able to read and understand more than 1 language, we are promoting this skill by offering all our children and young people the Welcome Book and Children’s Guide in different languages.


The safety and well-being of the young people placed at Adecyn Homes is the primary concern and their welfare is paramount. All our staff are familiarised with the Safeguarding Policy on induction. They undergo further Safeguarding training to ensure they have knowledge and skills to identify any causes for concern and deal with disclosures and allegations of abuse during their employment.

Therapist & Achieving Best Outcomes

It is our aim to try to make sure that young people are properly looked after during their stay and that nothing happens that is wrong or unfair. Because of this we want young people to tell us about their experiences whilst with us. We aim to make all our young experiences positive, helpful, meaningful and exciting.

Behaviour Management

The approach to discipline and control is underpinned by Adecyn Homes fundamental belief, in the equal value and right of all our children and young people. Young people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, even when the need arises to be supported with regulating and controlling their emotions, or receive a consequence for behaviours which they have chosen to partake in which have a negative result.