Care & Support


The care, welfare, safety, and security of the children and young people placed at Adecyn Homes is the primary concern to help ensure that the best level of care and support can be provided.

To assist this, during the induction stage, all our team members are familiarised with the Safeguarding Policy, and information regarding our children and young people. They undergo a number of training courses, including Safeguarding, to ensure they have knowledge and skills to identify any causes for concern and deal with disclosures and allegations of abuse during their employment with Adecyn Homes.


If a child or young person makes a disclosure to a team member, the child or young person will be advised that the information will have to be shared with the Registered Manager of our residential homes, social services, and the police, if necessary. During a disclosure, team members must ensure that they listen to the child and young person and cannot ask any leading questions. They must enable the child or young person to explain the situation in their own words. A detailed record of the conversation will be completed, and a referral will be made to the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board under The Local Child Protection Procedures.

Any team member who has reason to believe that a child or young person is at risk, is required to report their concerns to management immediately. Team members are made aware of the procedures for allegations against fellow adults within Adecyn Homes and child protection referrals procedures.

All team members are aware that abuse can occur anywhere and that anyone may be a perpetrator of abuse. If the involvement of the Registered Manager is suspected, team members are aware that they must use the Whistleblowing.

If the alleged abuser is a team member, they may be suspended without prejudice until a full investigation has been completed. If another child or young person is the alleged abuser both social workers will be contacted to determine what action should be taken.

In the Registered Manager’s absence, the person responsible for managing the allegations will be the senior team member on duty in consultation with the responsible individual.

All team members undergo child sexual exploitation training and regular safeguarding training as part of core training whilst employed. Each child and young person is cared for differently in accordance with their needs in terms of safeguarding and CSE. Adecyn Homes works closely with local authorities, and public services to formulate personalised care plans to protect each child and young person placed at Adecyn Homes.

Therapist & Achieving Best Outcomes

It is our aim to try to make sure that young people are properly looked after during their stay and that nothing happens that is wrong or unfair. Because of this we want young people to tell us about their experiences whilst with us. We aim to make all our young experiences positive, helpful, meaningful and exciting.

Behaviour Management

The approach to discipline and control is underpinned by Adecyn Homes fundamental belief, in the equal value and right of all our children and young people. Young people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, even when the need arises to be supported with regulating and controlling their emotions, or receive a consequence for behaviours which they have chosen to partake in which have a negative result.

Positive Outcomes

Adecyn Homes aim is to provide the young people residing in our care with assistance and guidance in the main aspects of their lives which will help them develop key skills for later life. This is based upon our staff team having regular Key Working sessions with our young people based upon the 9 Quality Standard.