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Thank you, dear readers, for tuning in. This month we have a lot of topics to cover. We first we go to Dimsdale Lodge, for a monthly update.

It has been an exciting month for PP as it was her 11th birthday (Happy Birthday from all your friends at Adecyn). PP opened all her birthday presents before going to school in the morning and after finishing school, PP went to enjoy a meal at Bon Pan with staff. PP’s favourite toy was her new baby doll which she has called Isaac. Before finishing for summer holidays, PP has stuck to her usual activities (swimming, Karate, and girl guides) and has made new friends at girl guides who PP is looking to meet through the summer holidays which will be lovely to see! PP has also been to Peak Wildlife Park, to watch the new Barbie Movie, visited Southport Beach, been rock climbing, as well as many other fun activities within the home. PP has learned about USA as part of our E&D focus this month, especially learning about Independence Day on 4th July. PP has also completed another 1000-piece jigsaw! AMAZINGGGGG STUFFF.

PP You have been a busy bee, I don’t know where you find the time. Keep up the great work and memories

On the line, is Jack from Oak: “Hi there Jack, how has oak been this month?”

For the newsletter this month, we went to Godiva festival to see Mel C from the Spice girls, we explored Coventry Cathedral, laser tag, Warwick castle, Twycross zoo, west midlands safari park, and even went to the hairdressers for the first time!

Not a bad month! Not a bad month at all, do any of you stand still in oak lodge?

Incoming Message from Peascroft:  CD has been really enjoying his new football club scoring goals every game now! CD and LD have also been planning for their sports day in the summer hols Peascroft Olympics! Both have enjoyed lots of family time this month too! Also, the table is no ordinary dining table, this is a games table. Jen and Tom worked together to build a games table when you open it. This looks amazing and you’ve done a brilliant job. Tom and Jen joining together to start a new upcycling business.

Last but not least, it’s the boys at Charnwood, and its time to hear from EE, (No, not the phone provider):

The boys have been doing fantastic this month and we have had a busy month with lots of activity going on. The school holidays are keeping us busy. The boys have even had their own come dine with me and we have had so much fun doing it. There is never a dull day in Charnwood Lodge.

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